About The University

The University of Catania

The foundation of the University of Catania, the oldest in Sicily, dates back to 1434, when the king of Spain, Alfonso of Aragon (who was also King Alfonso I of Sicily) authorised the establishment of a Studium generale with the privilege of issuing legally valid academic titles - baccellierati, licenses and degrees - in the four core disciplines of theology, canon and civil law, physical (medical) and joint philosophy, liberal arts (literature), the papal recognition arriving ten years later from Pope Eugene IV... (Read more)


The Law Department

The Law Department, the oldest one among the Schools of the University of Catania, was established in the XIV century and its old and renowned tradition has been widely appreciated up to the present. Its faculty represents an important point of reference and a centre of excellence for the Sicilian and Italian cultural and professional élites, promoting and practicing an ethos of teaching and research highly valued in the context of legal studies and global legal education.

In 2018, the Department earned the important recognition of "Dipartimento di eccellenza" (Department of excellence) by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education... (Read more)