Peace and Security

The Question of Solidarity in Peace and Security


The question of solidarity is controversial, particularly as solidarity can be used in international law in a multitude of ways: it can be viewed as a structural principle, shaping the international legal order, as a normative principle, setting the values of that order, or as a general principle, with particular relevance to the area of peace and security. It can be viewed as a vital aim for rights, actions and order in certain areas, such as disaster, peacekeeping and migration, or it can be viewed as being in direct competition with other values such as sovereignty and security. From each of these perspectives, several questions arise: can solidarity as a value shape the interpretation and application of existing rules? Can it incubate new rules? Does the pursuit of solidarity in the area of peace and security constitute a utopian myth? Is solidarity as a concept compatible with the aims of peace and security?

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- Final Programme -

10am - 1pm


I. Solidarity and statehood (10am - 11.30am)

Chair: Patryk I. Labuda (University of Amsterdam)


  • Eva Nanopoulos (Queen Mary), Solidarity in the law of peace and security: A neoliberal utopia?
  • Niko Pavlopoulos (UCL), Solidarity with the state, competing governments, and the quest for peace and security
  • Rachele Marconi (University of Macerata)Solidarity and Justice for War Crimes Against Women: Examples and Perspectives


II. Solidarity and the use of force (11.45am - 1.00pm)

Chair: Erin Pobjie (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Discussant: Emanuele Cimiotta (Sapienza University)


  • Kenneth Chan (Walther Schucking Institute of International Law) Threats of force and the fickle politics of extra-legal solidarity
  • Agata Kleczkowska (Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences)From solidarity to hegemony in the law of the use of force